Ek Nayi League: What can it be?

Some new videos have surfaced starring Kapil Dev. He is promising here to bring “Ek Nayi League” (A New League). It is not sure exactly what is he going to do with this new show but the promos do create a sense of intrigue. So, I am trying to understand what it is all about.

Five different Videos have surfaced so far. All of them are pretty short and Kapil talks about various aspects of the show and also mentions different celebrities in this regard. In different videos he mentions MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Sania Mirza as well as Kapil Sharma. Now, it is obvious that it will be a show involving several big names and these celebrities will be the main draw of the program along with the format of the show.

The other noticeable thing is that they are aiming for diversity in terms of the celebrities chosen. There are people from other sports and also from the entertainment and the list is not dominated by cricketers only although it is presented by Kapil Dev. This should attract diverse types of audiences to the show but again it creates more intrigue regarding what the show would include.

Not Necessarily Cricket:
In cricket a batsman getting hit wicket is not good news. But In the videos Kapil is saying that if one plays by heart, they will get hit wicket. So, this is definitely not the conventional game of cricket. At first I thought it would be something like the celebrity cricket league but after seeing the whole video I think cricket is only lending the terminology to this show.

So, overall, I think the whole show is about creating something fun and witty, involving all the big names from different fields. I think it will be like a game show with different types of tasks or activities with their own set of eccentric rules. They will use cricketing terms like googly and hit wicket to make sure that people can easily relate to it but actually the rules of the games will be different. This will make the proceedings interesting as the rules will be very different from the actual game. I guess all the celebrities will be asked to do tasks that are beyond their comfort levels because if only cricket is played, the cricketers will surely overshadow the rest.

I am looking forward to this show very eagerly now. I believe it will be the mother of all game shows. More importantly I think it will be highly rewarding and engaging for the viewers to. This is because they are already offering the fans a chance to win INR 1 Lakh simply by guessing what the show is about in the Ek Nayi League website. Go ahead, try your luck.

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