Honey Diet: Crash Diet that doesn’t crash you


Diet was a word unheard of at a point in India. Still people lived a normal life. Although life expectancy is increasing with modern medical advancements, we are seeing more and more health issues cropping up. Modern lifestyle and food habits have had a role to play in this development. That is exactly why various new types of diets have come up over the years, promising to sort out what people have lost due to modern lifestyles. However, such crash diets are always full of risks. Technically, people use crash diets to loose weight, so as to satisfy conventional beauty standards of our society. Especially nowadays, western beauty standards have invaded our lives too and so anorexia is a clear and present danger in Indian too, especially among urban women who gets influenced by the fashion industry. In the west, we have already seen cases of anorexic models losing their lives by pushing themselves too much. Such incidents did not happen in India earlier but nowadays we are beginning to see them here too. In a globalized world, we cannot avoid such a phenomenon.

So, the question is, what can be a sound alternative? Everybody wants to improve the way they look nowadays, but how can one lose weight, especially in this maddening Indian summer when people always tend to gulp that second bottle of sugar rich soft drinks or grab that cup of ice creams? Most people tend to go for something unhealthy and threatening in a desperate effort to shape up. But the good news is that there are alternatives that are as organic and as healthy as they can be and still as effective as possible. Honey diet is one of those options. So, what exactly is a honey diet? Well, it is simply something where honey replaces refined sugar in most of your items. Why does it work? Because, the internet tells us that honey acts as a very effective fuel to help our liver produce glucose. In turn, the glucose maintains the sugar levels in the brain and makes it release hormones that burns fat. That is why, despite being so sweet, honey is an excellent option for any kind of weight-loss diet. In order to achieve the desired results, simply replace the sugar in your diet with honey and see the difference yourself after a few weeks.

I just noticed that Dabur Honey, one of the biggest brands selling branded honey, has come up with a detailed website dedicated to Honey Diet. It offers your nutritional information as well as help you plan your diet according to your personal needs. Just have a look at it and discover many more health benefits of honey and also recipes and diet ideas to overcome your glut for sweetness this summer.